A Half-Million Naked Germans Can’t be Wrong!

The Meandering Naturist

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and I was looking for something interesting to read when I came across this thread on the Young Naturists America (YNA) page about their ongoing efforts (and to date, some recent successes) in normalizing coed nudity in an urban spa setting, where people can hang out for a few hours of relaxed, social interaction… without clothes!

Meditating womanThe article spawned a lengthy and somewhat argumentative banter amidst readers who challenged the business model, the legalities, and even the likelihood that such a place could ever exist in the United States, suggesting that even if it did, it would fall to the immediate infestation of male voyeurs looking for a cheap thrill. The debate has meandered on while the young entrepreneurs at YNA have quietly gone about creating such a place at a New Jersey health club, if only during limited hours on a weekly basis. A…

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A chance to REALLY make a difference for the future of Naturism!

The Meandering Naturist

This is a bit off track of my typical blog posts, but I think this is truly a timely and worthy cause!

I have referenced the Young Naturists of America (YNA) several times in my blog as a group of body-positive people known for bold action beyond words in their efforts to promote family-oriented naturism in the United States.  To the extent, that they are trying fervently to sustain a naturist friendly business in central New Jersey, but at the moment, it’s rough going…

You can read about the current situation here

I intend to make a contribution, and encourage those who’ve been following my blog to do the same!  Their work has been the most encouraging efforts I’ve seen on behalf of US naturism in a long, long time!  Win or lose, they need our support in fighting the good fight!

 – Naturist Dan

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Skinsuit | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page


What good are they? what do they protect you from? Nothing! I won’t go swimming if a swimsuit is required. they are so uncomfortable.. There is a quote by D.R. Benson that I like,

“I simply can’t understand why swimsuits are in such demand. They’re soggy and damp, Bind like a clamp and hold about three pounds of sand!”

 It’s a lot more free and liberating to swim without the dental floss clamped to your body. Your skin is a natural swimsuit, water repellent, fast dry, and you never have to worry spending hundreds of dollars on swimsuits.


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Just an everyday thing | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page


The thought of a world where Naturism/Nudism is legal world wide may seem far fetched. However, if you get in deep thought about the subject matter, it all becomes a little more worth educating and fighting for the cause. What I mean by this is… Just because we feel we have a right to live life the way nature intended (clothes-free). Society over the past has forgotten that we don’t need clothes to survive unless the weather is bad; that we have been corrupted that when someone sees someone naked anywhere they either freak out, get disgusted or automatically label them as perverts.

The point I’m trying to make is, it’s not the naked people you have to worry about. It’s rather, the mentality of the person that you should be worried about. Perverts, rapists, pedophiles… etc… Being naked is not an act of negativity or anything sexual. It’s however, the…

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Why Nude Photos are Important to Naturism

Asian American Naturist

IMG_1536 This is an example of who we are. There is no shame, lust, or degradation.

Imagine if you will that this blog wasn’t about naturism, but about camping and backpacking.  In my theoretical camping blog I’d write about my travels, offer advice, discuss issues within the camping/backpacking community, and show you pictures of my trips.   No one would get upset about pictures of Yosemite or the Grand Canyon.  But in reality my blog isn’t about camping, but nude recreation and the naturist lifestyle.

Since its early days, naturism has been portraying the nude human body in photography.  In fact, it was nudist magazines that set the legal precedent for nude images to be published.  Up until 1958, it was illegal for nudist magazines to be mailed by the U.S. Postal Service. In SUNSHINE BOOK COMPANY v. SUMMERFIELD, The U.S. District Court of Columbia ruled that nudist magazines could…

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How to be Successful in Naturism

Asian American Naturist


Naturism is a wonderful way to live.  Nudity is bliss.  However, to the newbie nudie, it can be daunting to take the first steps.  The following are some of my tips to make nude recreation and life more enjoyable.

1. One of the most difficult things for a new naturist is where to look.  I’ve seen and been the new naturist that stares at the ground the whole time.  My advice is to look at people’s faces.  Make eye contact.  People talk to each other while making eye contact.  Having a conversation nude is the same as having a conversation clothed.  It would be weird if you stared at someone’s groin while talking to them, the same is true clothed or nude.  My advice is to treat being nude as being clothed in regards to how you look at people.

2. Understand that nudity is not an invitation for sexual…

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Christian and Happily Nude

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

vis1Christian Nudist is many times regarded as a oxymoron. I’ve had people ask me how can you be a Christian and a nudist? Personally I think its very easy to be both Christian and nudist.  When Adam and Eve covered themselves it wasn’t because of nudity its because they were ashamed of their sin. Simple nudity is not sin or we could go in a steam room, shower at a gym or go see a Dr. Why is it OK for Dr. and nurses to see us nude because they went to college? Our society has created a unhealthy view of nudity, now always linked with sex to that point that breast feeding is frowned upon . Pornography and sexually explicit TV has warped the view of nudity to be ugly or perverted. We have been taught that different sizes, races  and aged bodies are gross and something to be…

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Exploring the need to be clothes free

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

Camping in the city

Opening the door to the house and stepping outside of that safe zone can often present problems for both the naturist and others who are averse to seeing other humans naked. Why is there something stirring within that prods one to take such risks. I took such a risk as we camped in the middle of a city, surrounded by many others in their camping trailers, as the image illustrates. Why? I needed some time clothing free. In my mind, the enclosure allowed me to be nude without having to deal with others being offended. Yet, I could have stayed within the camping trailer. What is it that is at work here?

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