10 Myths About Naturism and Naturists

Naturist Holidays in Europe

As naturists, there are certain false assumptions we hear over and over again, and myths that are perpetuated by the media. Here we debunk 10 popular myths about naturism and naturists.


Myth #1.  Naturists / nudists are naked all the time.

Myth #2. Naturists and nudists want to be naked everywhere.

Myth #3. Nudists are “this” and naturists are “that.” As in, there are set definitions of “nudist” and “naturist” within the community.

Myth #4. Nudists live in colonies.

Myth #5. “Nudism is sexual” and “nudism is not sexual.”

Myth # 6. Nudist couples’ sex lives must be diminished because they see each other naked all the time OR nudists have more sex because they see each other naked all the time.

Myth #7. The nudist / naturist population is primarily made up of old, retired people.

Myth #8. Nudism is dying.

Myth #9. The people on the nude beach…

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The Body Hair Project

Project Naked

Ailsa Fineron is a photographer based in Bristol and Edinburgh who is currently working on a project about body hair and people’s attitudes towards it and its removal. The Body Hair Project has collected some great photos of women and text of them discussing their attitudes to body hair. Check it out! She’s looking for more people to get involved as well, so if you’re interested her contact details are on her website. Hannah, one of the women who runs Project Naked, participated and it was a lovely afternoon.

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Going Barefoot, Going Nude

Asian American Naturist


I have no data to support my claim, only observation and experience. But I’ve noticed that people who like to walk around barefoot were open to nude recreation.

I once knew young woman who liked to walk around barefoot. She would walk around the mall barefoot or around town barefoot. She liked to skinny dip and hang around the house naked. She even played pool nude with her friends.

Every naturist I’ve met does not like to wear shoes. Does not liking to wear shoes mean you’re a budding naturist? Maybe not. But all the people I’ve met who were naturists first started out going barefoot.

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Grin and Bare It: Your First Trip to a Nudist Camp

Clothing Optional Trips

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a nudist camp is really like, especially for someone going there for the first time. It’s not a colony. Those are for ants and bees. It’s not the Friday night, swinging singles bar scene either. It’s not a “meet” market. It’s not where people go to show off their naked body in front of others or where people go to check out and stare at naked people.  Honestly, a nudist camp or club is a place where people go to be naked. They go there to enjoy everyday camp activities naked. It’s that simple.

As you know, this blog is about answering questions couples have about social nudity and about what to expect in a nude or clothing optional setting. Often that first happens on vacation at a beach or resort in the Caribbean or some other warm vacation spot.  A nudist camp (although…

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