Reader’s post – Gothic arch?


Here’s a fresh and eyecatching style from an anonymous contributor, in the shape of a carefully crafted crown of short pubes.

It’s quite a distinctive shape, reminiscent of an Up-Arrow style, but lower, and with a curved underside. The picture on the left shows a more pointy version – like the arch of a classical Thai roof, while the one on the right is more curved, like a graceful Gothic arch.

The poster tells us: “As you can see, I’m definitely not of the ‘go overboard’ variety. I like simplicity. I pluck all the hair up front with a tweezer, then shave the rest, because otherwise it’s effin painful.”

She goes on to ask “Tell me- How Do Porn Stars Do It?”
I’m not sure, but I think wax and lasers are involved. So, still painful. 😦

Many thanks for these terrific pics. I love your style.

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