It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Winter

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In celebration of winter storms. As I am writing this, a blizzard is raging outside. I am fortunate enough not to be homeless so I have the luxury of being able to stay warm and stay naked at the same time. Thankfully the outside temperature is not as bad as it usually is in winter,…

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Naked Yoga: Would You Dare?

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You might have heard about yoga in the nude before. It’s not new, but the gals over at FitSugar recently pointed out that this kind-of-shocking variety of yoga has recently been gaining popularity. Here’s why … “Believe it or not, there are many non-sexual reasons people choose to practice without their capris and halters on,” […]

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If you lose the clothes

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If you lose the clothes as soon as you get in the house… If like being clothes free indoor or out… If you like write.. consider being a writer for clothes free life web magazine. Ordinary people writing about life clothes free. Need writers on a wide range of topics clothes free fitness clothes free newbie experiences being clothes free at home clothes free hiking etc. Also looking for book reviewers and poems relating to clothes free. You can use a pen name to maintain privacy. Photographers we can host sample exhibits of your work. Just ordinary people.

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By 1995, I was extremely disillusioned by naturism. I’d only visited two nudist parks on the mainland starting in 1990, and I organized activities as the local contact for the Hawaii Skinnydippers, which met once a month in a private pool in Hawaii Kai.

Outside of the pool parties and one sailing trip, there were no other activities. Membership consisted of over 40 people, most of whom were single men over 40. There were women and 30 something couples, but they were friends of the host.

Being an Asian American nudist in my twenties, I felt like a minority within a minority, and most of my friends razzed me about assimilating not only into a white culture, but a white culture that has no part in the local scene. I had written a nudist play in college, but decided to put it aside, since…

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I’m an Accidental Nudist

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Dear Readers, I’ve been rolling the idea for this post around in my head for while and there just isn’t any other way around it – I’m an Accidental Nudist.

I grew up in a Catholic household.  I went to Catholic grade school.  I was taught that being naked was shameful and all that jazz.

I blame you Nat Geo...

I blame you Nat Geo…

And then there was the tiny fact that we had shelves-upon-shelves of National Geographic books and magazines… with naked or semi-naked people plastered on the pages.  Within the house there were also books on drawing people, namely “nude figures”, where I’d stare in fascination for hours at the naked bodies.

Oh, I was conflicted.  Surely I was going to burn in the fiery depths of hell in damnation for my sins of gazing upon naked bodies (even if they weren’t actual naked bodies, just drawings).  I never got up the…

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The Accidental Nudist sails the Big Nude Boat

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Confession time: I’m an Accidental Nudist.

I wrote that post tongue-in-cheek prior to being part of the Big Nude Boat that sailed February 9th-17th on the Carnival Freedom with Bare Necessities. I argued with people that I was not a Nudist (with the capital N) because I didn’t go to nude beaches, resorts or go out of my way to nudist functions. I defended being an occasional nude model who didn’t care one whit if other people got naked.

That’s right. I dug in my heels, cleared out my trench and fired away at everyone who called me a Nudist.

The fine people here at Homeclothesfree asked me to write a review on the Big Nude Boat, and because Opportunity knocked, and I like to see what Opportunity is selling (and I was going on the cruise anyway), I agreed to write about my experiences on board…

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