I have felt a change occurring inside of my mind. Maybe a transformation

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After many years of pain I then came on a time of suffering so unforgiving, it appeared my body would not make it out alive. But finally, I feel an awakening is upon me. In some ways, I believe my brain is renewing itself.
The putrid smell of physical rottenness dissipated. The illness and ongoing pain have not left me by any means, yet over this past year I have felt a change occurring inside of my mind. Maybe a transformation.
I did not realize how large a gap I had put between myself and my body these past years. I suppose the traumas experienced under medical care contributed to my drifting. My complete and sudden loss of physical independence surely didn’t help. However, there was no crueler attacker than my own body. To endure this unending physical pain and other debilitating maladies, I must have cut so many ties…

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The Different Types of Naturists.

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A naturist or a nudist is a person who looks upon nudity as natural, wholesome and perfectly acceptable. He sees the importance for each one of us to accept our own bodies. We accept ourselves, pimples, warts, blemishes and all. We do not hide behind a facade. If I have a scar from a surgery, I’m not ashamed of it because that’s a part of my life history. That’s what makes me me. Most non-naturists don’t understand self-acceptance and I’ve heard many of them say that they would only be naturists if they have built up their bodies and they look good naked. These are not naturists! Only a porn star will show off his or her body because it looks good.

It’s very hard to explain naturism to people because most of them continue to have this “porn” mentality. The trouble with them is they…

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Why must you be a nudist?

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I don’t know about the other naturists but I get asked this question a lot. You see, I live in a highly conservative country where Confucian principles are followed implicitly. Before I discovered that there were other naturists online, I knew of absolutely nobody who was a naturist. But I don’t live my life according to the tastes of the majority.

A few of my friends who really have my interest at heart have appealed to my “good sense”. Why must I be a nudist? When such a question is asked, I’m usually lost for words. Let me explain.

I don’t have to be a nudist; there’s no compulsion. I don’t even have to call myself a nudist or a naturist or go by any label at all. When you ask me why I have to be a nudist, you are essentially asking me why I can’t look upon my genitals…

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Why I am a naturist Part 1

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I’m the least likely person to be a naturist. None of my friends who grew up with me or who went to the same school or who went to the same university is a naturist. Nobody I know who is related to me is a naturist.

My ethnic culture is against it. The revered sage Confucius was very big on shame as a virtue. Every lady and gentleman has to conform to his strict code of conduct and decorum that includes being properly attired from head to toe. Any flouting of this code should bring about shame. For, reasoned Confucius, only animals are incapable of feeling shame.

The religion I was brought up in is unduly concerned about “sexual impropriety”. Much of the New Testament deals with the “sin against the flesh”. It’s only natural that those who are obsessed with sex (whether they claim to frown on it or not)…

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Why I am a naturist Part 2

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A naturist or a nudist is one who loves and respects the human body and does not accept the ridiculous notion that there are some parts of our body that are evil or obscene or indecent or in any way unacceptable to be seen by polite society. That’s how I see it so is it possible for a naturist to be ashamed of his or her nudity?

But the fact is a lot of us who claim to be naturists are ashamed of our naked bodies even if we don’t admit that to ourselves. Have you ever wondered why the camera is banned in some nudist resorts? Has it occurred to you why many nudists come up with a million reasons why they are not willing to post photos of themselves naked online or if they do, they have to either conceal their genitals or their identities? Have you seen…

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In support of Stephen Gough

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The last time I wrote about current events on this blog, the news was regarding Brian Taylor, former head of public relations of British Naturism and then chairman of the Spectrum Swimming Club for naturists (whose licence to use the public swimming pool has since been suspended).

This time, the news is again bad for people who enjoy nudity.

I mentioned Stephen Gough, also known as the Naked Rambler, in one of my earlier posts. I also wrote about the morality of nudism, concluding that nudism per se is amoral and that it’s the actions one takes while nude that one ought to judge. I have been reading various articles about Stephen Gough and about the number of times he’s been arrested for laws which are increasingly better tailored to “clothe” our society’s fears of nudity. His nudity has always been a victimless crime – victimless, unless you…

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