Why we need to distinguish nudity from sexuality

© NatCorn There has been an awful lot of misunderstanding this past week about the nude wave-pool event at a Calgary leisure centre that was cancelled. A lot of people expressed concern that the police were not taking worries seriously and that there would be children present and, therefore, pedophiles. These concerns are certainly valid,…

Why we need to distinguish nudity from sexuality

Being naked on vacation is becoming increasingly popular

© NatCorn Naked travel or “swimming” was already named as one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry earlier this year. Naturism is an age-old concept, but the trend is increasingly reaching the general public through the many health benefits and tranquility and space that a naturist vacation brings. Three pillars that tourists…

Being naked on vacation is becoming increasingly popular

An Evening Stroll

2020-05-02 The weather has been 10 and 15 degrees hotter than usual, near record breaking. More ‘new normal?” It’s a dry mid to high nineties, with a couple of afternoons over 100. This leaves us with plummeting temperatures in the seventies and eighties at night. This adds to many peoples Covid 19 stir-crazy misery, those […]

An Evening Stroll