Where Are The Naturist Females?


Although I’ve been a naturist since my late teens, most of my naturist activities were either on naturist holidays or at home.  However 2 years ago I presented myself in public to promote naturism/acceptance of nudity and tried to find other females to join me only to find that although there are plenty of naturist men in the public domain & on social media, the females are very hard to find.  I have been asked the question “Why are there not more females into naturism in the UK?” quite a number of times, so I decided to give it some thought and write something to let you ponder over! So this post is about what I believe might be the reasons for this imbalance.

I do not claim to be an expert but being a female I feel I can shed some light on this.  There are some people who have deeper understanding…

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BlackBerry Confirms Development Of An Upcoming QWERTY Handset With A Crazy Pixel Density


Predictably, BlackBerry is working on a new QWERTY handset. According to the BlackBerry 10.3 SDK, the device will rock a square screen with a 1440×1440 resolution and pixel density of 453 DPI — that’s significantly higher than the somewhat arbitrary definition of a retina display.

BlackBerry has long said that they are not giving up on making handsets. With that, the company has also remained committed to the QWERTY form factor that has so far defined the company’s products.

Just yesterday, BlackBerry unveiled its latest full-touchscreen device called the Z3. The $200 device is decidedly entry-level on the specs page, but that’s BlackBerry’s goal; make something with a touchscreen that competes with low-cost Android devices for a market where it has already ceded a lot of ground to cheap hardware running Google’s mobile OS. BlackBerry used to count Indonesia as one of its most important international strongholds, and the…

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Here Are The Best And Most Interesting iPhone 6 Mockups So Far


Apple hasn’t said anything yet about any iPhone 6, nor will it until the fall (or whenever it actually announces it) but that hasn’t stopped the Internet’s collective imagination and curiosity from creating countless mock-ups of what the next generation of Apple smartphone will look like. Just this morning, we heard about how the iPhone 6 could have 1704×960 resolution for its display, which is 3x resolution compared to the original iPhone device. Here’s a roundup of the best guesses regarding the look and build of the new device to date.

Signs, including case designs being shopped on the usual wholesale Asian ecommerce websites, suggest that we’ll see a larger iPhone with a slimmer design, sort of like a shrunk down iPad mini. 9to5Mac has provided videos using physical mockups of gray and gold designs of the supposed iPhone 6, built based on specs reportedly received by case manufacturers with…

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