Firma la petición para terminar la censura al nudismo/naturismo!

El nudismo es un estilo de vida que beneficia a la humanidad. Es algo que merece estar en todo el mundo. La vergüenza corporal no beneficia a nadie. Es cierto que desnudos es como fuimos hechos para estar. Me ofende lo de tener que usar ropa lo más que sea posible. Debemos hacer un mundo […]

Firma la petición para terminar la censura al nudismo/naturismo!

Firma la petición para hacer más nudismo urbano!

El nudismo es un hermoso estilo de vida, y tengo una gran pasión para el nudismo. Este estilo de vida debe de estar disponible para todos y por dondequiera. Los seres humanos fuimos diseñados para vivir desnudos. El nudismo es para los lugares públicos y privados. El enlace para la petición de hacer al nudismo […]

Firma la petición para hacer más nudismo urbano!


2022-09-22 We’re at Safebare’s home in NW Houston after a morning walk. I’m conveniently nude all over, out front in Safebare’s driveway, organizing the car, gathering what I’ll need today. I hear Safebare making noise with something metal out back, where I had heard his big pickup truck earlier. Looking through the gate, I see […]


“Why are you naked?”

What is someone who is asking “Why are you naked?” actually saying? In any normal circumstances, in a setting where it isn’t physically dangerous to be naked, they are saying that “There are societal norms which say that people ought to be wearing clothing. I agree with those norms. For some reason unbeknownst to me, you are going against these norms which I value.”

“Why are you naked?”

It’s so much safer bringing your kids up as nudists.!

Why, because nature is more human and it’s a safer upbringing as they won’t have any body issues and will be at peace with their body and anyone else’s body as we’re all made the same as mother nature made us and we as nudists are so much more comfortable and supportive and protective of the environment and won’t abuse it as textiles certainly do as we’re so much more respectful of the environment and caring of it.!