Naked Yoga – A Love Letter

Naked Yoga Alliance

A much deserved ‘repost’ from the 2009 Phoenix Temple Days.  I continue to remain inspired by this practice and am currently working on a photographic essay documenting stories of individuals in their naked yoga practice.  I am still seeking individuals who would like to be interviewed and photographed in their practice.  

Isis Phoenix


I’ve been perusing my computer today, moving through old photo shoots of when I first began Naked Yoga and dared to bare my asana on high-rise buildings, on Sandy-Hook Beach, on a third story roof in the meat-packing district, all in the name of freedom, celebration and love. As I sifted through over three years of old photos, I was shocked at my very visceral response to them. Some, quite literally took my breath away. I remember at one time, being afraid to look at the photos of me doing yoga naked, hiding them deep in the belly of…

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Observations from my first summer of social nudism

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

  • Nudists are a microcosm of the larger society. This summer I met nudist who were democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, nice and less nice, welcoming and less welcoming, talkative and quiet. All kinds of people are nudists
  • Nudists do really come in all shapes and sizes. On my visit to the resort There were all kinds of body shapes,levels of fitness, heights, widths when it comes to body types and shape the nudist community really is diverse.
  • By and large nudist are friendly people. Just as with the rest of society there are people who are super friendly and other not so much. Good thing for me I always came across some friendly folks.

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The young and the naked

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

English: Nude bathers on July 11, 2009 at Haul... English: Nude bathers on July 11, 2009 at Haulover Beach Deutsch: Nacktbader in Miami Beach am 11.07.2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wearing Only a Smile, Nudists Seek Out the Young and the Naked

One new group, Young Nudists and Naturists of America, this month is having a naked dinner party in a loft in New York’s financial district to recruit members.

“The whole lifestyle will just disappear unless we attract a younger crowd,” said Nicky Hoffman, head of the Naturist Society, one of the two big organizations of U.S. nudists. “The problem is, most of these resorts aren’t geared to young people. They’ve become like retirement homes; they’ve sort of calcified.

From Wall Street Journal

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The clothes free art of Susannah Martin

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

The Huffington Post describes the artist as portraying nudes from a female perspective where women are simply operating without clothes in the outdoors. This caught my eye and gained my attention, as I firmly believe that this non sexual depictions of the clothes free body is what will normalize nudity in society. So I reached out to the artist who graciously agreed to provide some of her work for a sample gallery and answer a few questions . What follows it a short interview and a sample of what HuffPost called the hyper realistic work of Susannah Martin. I hope our readers will enjoy it then visit her site to see more or to acquire one of her pieces.

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