Whats a Nudist to Do?

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I have always been a home nudist , and my earliest experience was skinny dipping with friends in a local pond. I also would go to friends houses as a teen for sleepovers and we all would skinny dip in the pool or run in the sprinklers. This last year was my first resort experience and I loved it. I would love to try out different nudist and clothing optional venues but I must admit there is some trepidation. I know this is not very acceptable by some nudist to say but I am uncomfortable with the idea of family resorts. I am concerned with the fact of creepy people checking out kids at resorts and you can’t say there are no pedophiles at nudist resorts its statistically impossible . I’ve met a few so-called male nudist who made inappropriate comments about children giving them erections , or women liking…

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UberConference Now Lets You Join Google Hangouts By Phone


Shortly after Google launched Hangouts, it also started allowing you to add participants by dialing their phone numbers right from Hangouts. Even today, though, you can’t dial into a Hangout. Thanks to TC Disrupt alum UberConference, though, you can now do just that. The company is launching its integration with Google+ Hangouts today.

Once you have installed the UberConference app in Hangouts, people can join your call via phone with the help of a dedicated number. While Google restricts your calls to 10 participants in the video chat, UberConference allows you to add up to 100 people by phone (for users on paid plans). You can also record all of your calls.

If you don’t have an UberConference account yet, the app will automatically create one for you on the fly. After that, you allow Hangouts to dial into the UberConference number for your call and as others join, their…

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Amazon Puts Image Recognition Into Its Main iOS App – Prepare To Be Even More Showroomed, Retailers


People already use their mobile devices for comparative shopping when paying visits to brick-and-mortar retailers – but it’s about to get a lot worse. Amazon has integrated shopping-by-camera functionality into its main iOS application, which is even easier than the previous barcode scanning feature it used to let shoppers compare prices.

The image recognition feature isn’t new: Amazon previously released a standalone app called “Flow” run by its subsidiary A9 (the search and advertising wing of the e-commerce giant), and the new feature within the main app is called “Flow,” too. The standalone app was launched a little over two years ago, so Amazon clearly wanted to make sure the image recognition tech was fully baked before introducing it to the wider user pool of its main iOS application.

Flow’s introduction (and its eventual rollout on Android, too) was preceded by Amazon A9’s acquisition of SnapTell, a…

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