Naked dinner event to be held in secret location (via The Argus)

A NAKED dinner party event is coming to town. The Secret Naked Supper Club event is due to take place at an undisclosed location in the town of Petworth on Saturday, October 16. The occasion is advertised as the first of a series of new naked dining ventures to be hosted across West Sussex. HostedContinue reading “Naked dinner event to be held in secret location (via The Argus)”

Desnud Arte: Rolando Cubero

La carrera de Cubero como pintor comenzó en 1975 con una obra de tendencia surrealista. Desde entonces, sus pinturas comenzaron a exhibirse tanto en Costa Rica como en exposiciones internacionales en América Central. Para los años 80, su trabajo está bajo la influencia del realismo mágico latinoamericano y se muestra en galerías y eventos enContinue reading “Desnud Arte: Rolando Cubero”

Nude Across America Pt.8: Ohio Hike

2021-06-10 Background to this episode is here: Nude Across America Pt.7: Across Five States into the Jungles of Ohio We have been having a peaceful R&R morning in Shawneee State Park, Ohio. It is mid- week, Tuesday, and we are nearly alone. I count just five occupied spaces out of the many in our area.  Continue reading “Nude Across America Pt.8: Ohio Hike”

Charlie Max Thinks We Should All Be Cooking Nude

The model and OnlyFans creator talks about her naked dinner parties and how being in the buff helped her feel safe in her skin. In Person of Interest we talk to the people catching our eye right now about what they’re doing, eating, reading, and loving. Next up is Charlie Max, a multidisciplinary artist and…Continue reading “Charlie Max Thinks We Should All Be Cooking Nude”

Naturism and the Compulsion to Write

I’m grateful to have been interviewed a couple times this year by naturist activist Héctor Martínez on naturism and writing. Click on the photo below for a three-minute clip from our dialogue earlier this month on how naturism, and also Latin America, have been inspirational for my writing. Thanks, Héctor! Thanks also to Björ, anotherContinue reading “Naturism and the Compulsion to Write”