The Urban Dictionary Goes Nekkid By FKK


Nudist Portal got some Nekkid terms in the Urban Dictionary!
FUN NEWS: I have been adding new nekkid slang words to our nudism dictionary and into Urban Dictionary!
Check out our new and improved Nudist Dictionary list under slang, including words for example:
Nekkid Urban Dictionary – Naked Hipster to Nude-ster
UNCLOTHED-STER: A naturist hipster. Challenging to identify since they’re not wearing any clothes.

“Man, that guy is undoubtedly a unclothed-ster”
“I don’t know, man, he’s not wearing anything, gotta look at the hair..”
CUPBOARD NATURIST: someone who always hangs out naked at home or spends time in naturist areas, while keeping it a secret from close family and/or friends or everyone they understand.
“Why did Mike sprint away when he saw that guy at the nude beach?”
“Cuz he believed he recognized him from the area, and Mike is a total cabinet nudist!”
1. Any hot girl at…

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Naturist Movement: More Acceptance, Less Body Shame


Blog written by: LoganGreen
Body Shame And Nudism:
Body ShameIn Greco-Roman history, nudism was viewed as the perfect state, the pure state. The human body was viewed as elegant, beautiful,naked and divine. Nowadays, the only time we’re enabled to be naked and no one makes a big deal about it’s when we’re infants, but even this doesn’t last very long.
While reaching early childhood, nudity is viewed as a private matter, and it’s black to be seen nude in public. I remember being around my parents and hearing them get upset because my niece and nephew (who was between 6-7 years of age) was getting ready for in the living room.
My mother mechanically remarked and told them they can not change in front of each other and need to get ready for bed in the bathroom, hence applying that nudity is shameful and should remain private.

This greatly…

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Natural Living – Healthy Eating Naturally


Natural Living – It is been 8.5 years since I learned of the liberty intrinsic in nudism and we all understand there are many benefits to being a naturist. Since then it’s been hard to keep clothing on me and I find that I feel the most free, the most accepted, and really just plain the most comfy when I’m unclothed.
Recently, I Have learned about another kind of independence which is different but goes along with the independence found in nudism: independence to be healthy. I assume nobody held a gun to my head to force me to drink Pepsi each day or to eat sugary, processed foods, but I was a prisoner to it even without the gun.
Natural Living
Until about monthly ago, anyhow. It was at that time that I first met with a Wellbeing Coach within my region to learn what “being healthy” meant. In…

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We Need Your Help For Our FKK & Terlam Nude Gym & Spa!


As many of you know, in March of the year, we bought a women’s fitness center in Woodbridge, New Jersey. We were impressed by the location of the facility (at the nexus of the Garden State, NJ Turnpike, Rt Nearly constantly. In addition , I go bare at the local naturist and I287) and its potential (6,800 square foot space with pool and sauna). Most of all, it was an active company with a supply of revenue. As naturists, we believed that buying a women’s health club was an ideal chance to achieve two aims: 1) positively affect an existing women’s fitness company with our naturist worth including a confident body image, and 2) provide a year round space for naturists to enjoy a fitness center / health spa in the nude on the weekends. What’s more, because of high prices in the Nyc area, we enjoyed the idea of…

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