VICTORY! Yoga Alliance Lawyers backdown and agree to a disclaimer from Naked Yoga Alliance.

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Dearest Naked Yogis:

Below is the letter that a beloved entourage of naked yoga enthusiasts who are also lawyers helped me craft. Big thanks to lawyer/yogis Lloyd, Eric, Lisa, Jen, Cliff and the dozen other law enthusiasts who offered their support as well as everyone who as shared their thoughts, emails and humor around the situation. Your feedback is our life blood and what keeps this Alliance going. Though we get to keep our name, the entire ordeal has raised larger questions of naked yoga being pushed out of main stream yoga and being labeled as the black sheep or the red headed stepchild. The next step feels like addressing the core issue of why Yoga Alliance does not want to be associated with naked yoga as this starts to become both a civil and human rights issues.

Stay tuned for the letter to Yoga Alliance that will follow. I…

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” step-by-step guide “

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Nudists on Beach WP_20150309_09_42_10_Pro

If you are curious about naturism and want to give it a try, I originally wrote this as a step-by-step guide to how to become a naturist.

Step 1: Take off all your clothes.

Step 2: Enjoy yourself!

That’s it really……well, I guess there’s more to say than that.  To me, being a naturist is about being naked and enjoying it.  But if you’re new to it, maybe you need to hear more.

So if you want to be a naturist…

First, just give it a try.  See how you feel about nudity as a casual thing, as a way of being which can be normal to you.


Look to your home environment first.

If you live alone, there is no real reason for you to wear clothes ever if you don’t want to.  You don’t have to worry about privacy or offending others.  So just consider ditching your…

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Naturist Photo Challenge #NaturistChallenge

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There’s still time to take part in this week’s #NaturistChallenge! Post the image you’d like to enter in the challenge on Twitter with the hashtag #NaturistChallenge or contact me, @IbanSaram.

This is the image you're aiming to recreate. This is the image you’re aiming to recreate.

You can vote for another user’s pics by FAVing them on Twitter or by rating below each pic or casting your vote in the comments section below.

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