volleyball and more at SuperBowl South, Lake Como resort, Florida

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After participating in the Naked Volleyball Superbowl last year, I got the volley bug and now want to visit as many such events as possible. Before I get to the report from Volleyball Super Bowl South, I’d like to announce a few other naked volleyball tournaments in which my friends and I are going to partake this year:

Banana Rum Cup on the weekend of 20-21 June at White Tail Resort in Virginia (this one I personally will skip, because I don’t want to miss a trail race that’s become a yearly tradition);

Sunny Bowl on the weekend of 25-26 July at Sunny Rest Resort in Pennsylvania;

– and again The Original Naked Volleyball Superbowl on 10-13 September at White Thorn Lodge.

For a fuller list of naked volleyball tournaments in North America refer to Nudist Volleyball website (and if anyone knows of similar lists for other parts…

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Learning to be myself

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All my life people havesaid, “Just be yourself.” But I had no idea what that meant. I had carefully crafted the skill of pleasing others: saying what I thought they wanted to hear, doing what I thought they wanted me to do, being what I thought they wanted me to be. That is what I honestly thought it meant to be myself.

My clothes free journey, especially clothes free yoga and meditation, has put me in touch with what it truly feels like to just be me. Doing a clothes free yin yoga practice as well as clothes free meditation has shown me what it feels like inside and out to be still, to stop moving, to listen and just be. I feel my body’s subtle inner workings. I can watch my thoughts rather than allowing them to drag me aboutand drive me crazy. There is a kind of stepping…

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Nudists Increasing The Bottom Line For ‘Nakationing’

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I love to read about nudism in mainstream media. This helps to change people’s perception on naturism and to help getting nudism seen as normal by as many people as possible. This one is from the Hartford Courant, the biggest newspaper in Connecticut and “recognized as the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States”, as per Wikipedia.

It’s a very positive article that gives an overview of nudism through the eye of a textile and includes the point of view of the Sun Ridge resort’s owner. I liked the tone of the article, giving a true and positive view of what nudism is. I particularly enjoyed this quote: “First-timers are a little apprehensive, but once they try it, they like the freedom it offers.” Because at the end of the day, this what nudists love: the freedom to be themselves entirely nude and doing what they like without clothing.


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My first nude run at the Naturist Foundation

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“See if you can beat Emma James!” crowed the Naturist Foundation via twitter last September,  knowing that I’m all over the web like a rash, sporty and I was booked in on the BHnude5K .

I groaned.  I might enjoy running but I’m so slow, my son can run faster than me backwards!  What I lose in speed, I gain in endurance but you wouldn’t have known it last September. I’d have given up half way through, if it wasn’t for the fact it was a race,

2014-09-21 2014-09-23 001 010

In recent years, my running has varied from spluttering starts to regular training.  At one stage I was running up to 2 hours 20 minutes.  That’s what I now strive for but I’m currently in spluttering mode, aided and abetted by insomnia.

I favour running solo, seeking out woods and trails like a bloodhound.  With my infamous sense of direction (ask my children Alice…

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Driving in Germany. Naked

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Did you know that driving naked in Germany is not forbidden? Now there’s no law that actually states you can drive around naked but as long as you’re able to drive your vehicle in a safe and controlled manner you’re fine. You may have a problem on your hands when you’re in an accident and…


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Nudist resort offers free holiday admission to troops, vets

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Super awesome.

From Army Times (www.armytimes.com)

The annual runup to Memorial Day, the holiday that honors the service and sacrifice of America’s armed forces, is traditionally accompanied by a wave of special offers for troops and veterans.

Most are quite mainstream — freebies or discounts on restaurant meals, amusement park tickets, store merchandise and the like.

But an outfit in Scranton, Kan., just south of Topeka, seeks to honor troops and veterans in a rather unusual way — it’s a nudist colony that is waiving all admission fees over the three-day holiday weekend to any guest who shows a military ID card or proof of military service.

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