Getting Out Of The “Boat”…

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If you are going to walk on water, you have to get out of the “boat”.

Who doesn’t like boats? There is a special thrill skimming across the water at a high rate of speed, particularly when you are only inches above the water. Yes, I have piloted a jet-ski across the water at highway-speeds before and it was quite the thrill. There is something about accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour so quickly you can barely hold on. But, this isn’t about enjoying skimming across the water in a boat. It is about getting out of your “boat“.

The “boat“, in this case, is your comfort-zone. Our comfort-zone is defined by that set of people, places and activities where we are comfortable, confident and capable. If we are in any situation where any one of the “3-C’s” is breached, we are…

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My Week as a Pool Boy

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I haven’t posted in a while and since our weather has been wet for the past week I thought I might write about my time taking care of a friend’s pool while she went away on vacation.

Two and a half weeks ago a co-worker and friend asked if I could take care of her plants and her pool while she went away on vacation. How could I say no? I have been to her place on many occasions so I knew it well.

On the Thursday afternoon before she left the next day, we went to her house so that she could give me instructions on what needed to be done. She introduced me to a neighbor letting them know I would be there and in case they were wondering about the strange car in her driveway.   Good neighborhood watch is always important.

The following day on Friday, it…

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