Naked Body Aware Does Not Equal Naturist

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Summer is upon us. And as ever I start to wonder where all the people I want to hang out with naked, are.

Even though I am too old for the YBN, I don’t consider myself old by any stretch of the imagination. And this year it has dawned on me where all the naturists in their 20S, 30s and 40s are. They don’t exist. I don’t think anyone in these age groups truly classes themselves as a ‘naturist’ any more. Naturism in its truest form is the territory of the retired. Which is why it is dying out.

Let me explain. Retired naturists probably have their own homes, have access to a holiday home or at least a caravan or rent one at a Sun Club, and can arrange trips out adhock as soon as the weather shows promising signs. Retired naturists also have the disposable income for expensive…

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Clothes free reading day is here 

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It’s #clothesfreereadingday so drop the clothes and pick up a book. I picked up A Time to Love a Trekkie novel by Greenberger. this morning so it doesn’t have to be a #clothesfree book though you can find a great selection in our book list. All #clothesfreereaders are invited to join the Twitter #bookchat today at 3pm EDT 7pm GMT 8 pm BST with J Harding author of Going BareUse hashtag #clothesfreereaders or #goingbarebk

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Most importantly whether is it an e-book a paperback or hardcover READ A BOOK and try it #clothesfree

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