Get ClimateReady – What is meant by sea level rise?

This month, as part of our Get ClimateReady campaign, we will be exploring the theme of sea level rise, a topic which has been of significant interest this year. Simply put, “sea level rise” refers to the rise in the ocean surface as a result of climate change. Rising sea levels can cause significant impacts […]

Get ClimateReady – What is meant by sea level rise?

August Playdays: Skinny-Dipping Pride!

Skinny-dipping with pride #1! After having focused on the “pride” theme for the entire month of June of this year, I realize that many reading this may ask themselves: What? More pride? Again? First, I’m not apologizing or composing an excuse for repeating the “pride” message. June is, after all, the traditional month, at least […]

August Playdays: Skinny-Dipping Pride!

Garrett Centre, London, 22 July 2022

This was another post-pandemic embrace of an old familiarity in a new-normal guise. The economic and psychological jolt of having to survive both a deadly virus and two years of restrictions has seen many life drawing groups emerge with renewed vigour, fresh focus and fine tuning. So it seems with Adrian Dutton’s groups. The last […]

Garrett Centre, London, 22 July 2022