7 reasons why #nudist holidays are IMHO the best

Naked and Happy

In the northern hemisphere, summer holidays are in full swing. When it’s warm outside, no clothes are necessary for your comfort. Some people may not be comfortable naked for social, religious or other reasons, but if you are, then you should stay naked all day to experience the joy of nudism. Here are 7 reasons why I think nudist holidays are the best:

  1. You can travel light. No clothes to pack or the bare minimum in case of bad weather. If you travel by plane, a carry-on suitcase will avoid you extra costs in low cost flights and waiting time at check-in and a luggage delivery
  2. You get no tan lines. Why hiding some parts of your body to the sun? Do not forget your sunscreen and after your holidays you will contemplate a wonderfully tanned body!
  3. You meet friendly people. You will share one passion: getting…

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Published by Penis

My name is Penis and am born and raised as Nudist. In our family penis gets circumcising attendance immediately with umbilical cord is cut. I'm very proud of my family birth Circumcising heritage and goes back many centuries to present day on our male babies automatically having foreskin and frenulum fully removed from penis.! I believe in circumcising, I'm a newborn circumciser myself.!

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